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Welcome to the Fort Lytton motocross club, the last motocross venue in Brisbane.


The Fort Lytton Motocross club is a member of Motorcycling Australia. To ride at the facility you must be a member of Motorcycling Australia or be receiving coaching from a registered coach who has a current permit for the coaching activity. To join Motorcycling Australia or to find out more information follow the link;

Prior to riding all riders or parent of junior riders must sign the Motorcycling Australia indemnity form. Club membership is optional, to join the club and receive member benefits, ask the team when you sign in.  

The club reserves the right to refuse entry to any person entering the facility and you maybe asked to leave if you haven't followed the club policies, Motorcycling Australia policies or local by-laws.

The Fort Lytton mx club has a Covid-19 prevention plan in place and must be followed. A copy is displayed at the sign in and displayed around the facility. Please familiarize yourself with the plan to ensure your safety


We cater for riders who are competent to ride the bike they choose. Riders are limited to ride the bikes approved  by Motorcycling Australia guidelines. The club officials  have the right to refuse entry to ride on the track  to any rider who they see are not competent.

The club officials  have the right to refuse entry to ride on the track  to any rider who they deem there bike will not meet OEM specifications and or Motorcycling Australia guidelines.   

The Fort Lytton mx club is registered to except the Queensland government "fair play" voucher valued at $150. To see if you’re eligible to help pay membership or coaching fees, check out the link below and select Fort Lytton motocross club when choosing eligible clubs. Apply here:

The track layout is confidence inspiring with a designed track to safely improve there skills to attempt the obstacles build. The track consists of 9 stadium style jumps and banked turns which send the riders down the next straight.


The soil is a sandy base with clay soil for the jumps.


The track is maintained on a weekly basis with its own earth moving machines.


Ultimate motocross Coaching offers professionally structured coaching programs for all ages either by one on one or in groups.


To find out more about coaching . 




The club committee;

President: Andrew Christie

Secretary: Renay Kluba

Treasurer: Rodney Kirchner



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