The Fort Lytton Motocross club is a member of the Fort Lytton Motocross association.


The Fort Lytton motocross facility is Brisbane's only motocross venue. 


We cater for all ages, riding levels and bikes sizes. 

The Fort Lytton mx club is registered to except the Queensland government "fair play" voucher valued at $150. To see if you’re eligible to help pay membership or coaching fees, check out the link below and select Fort Lytton motocross club when choosing eligible clubs. Apply here:      


The track layout is confidence inspiring. With a professionally designed track, riders can safely improve there skills to  attempt the obstacles build. The track consists of 10 stadium style jumps and banked turns which send the riders down the next straight.


The soil is a sandy base with clay soil for the jumps.


The track is maintained on a weekly basis with its own earth moving machines.


Ultimate motocross Coaching offers professionally structured coaching programs for all ages either by one on one or in groups.


To find out more about coaching . 




The club committee;

President: Andrew Christie

Secretary: Renay Kluba

Treasurer: Jody Herson


The Fort Lytton Mx facility executive committee:

Rodney Kirchner

Renay Kluba

Ken Herson

Nicholas Herson

Jody Herson

Andrew Christie


The Fort Lytton Motocross facility Manager;

Ken Herson


The Fort Lytton Motocross facility govenment lobby committee:

Ken Herson

Paul Cunningham

Andrew Christie