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Ultimate Motocross Coaching provides one on one or group coaching

for riders of all ages and ability. A qualified coach can be dedicated to

you 100% during your lesson. With a 100% safety record, parents can

feel assured our structured training programs allows riders to develop

there skills in a safe environment.


Ultimate Motocross Coaching has previously provided Yamaha's

bLU cRU program to children and adults. The product categories that fall

under the Yamaha's world wide bLU cRU umbrella of activities and events

include the Dream Starter range(fun bikes and entry level off-road),

Downright Dirty (competition off-road enduro,motocross, sports ATV

and sports ROV).


We use and encourage all parents and riders to use instructors with

nationally accredited "Trainer and Assessor" qualifications, childrens

blue card and real dirt bike/motocross experience to teach you or your

child the correct techniques.


Prior to coaching, each child will have a riding assessment to determine

there level of ability, strength and weakness. We will then then review

there riding with you and design a training program around the riders goals

and coaches assessment. Programs cater for 1st time riders to pro's.


Dirt biking skills covered;

  • Braking

  • Accelerating

  • Clutch and gear changing

  • Standing

  • Cornering

  • Bike maintenance

  • Rider safety equipment.  


Riders focussing on racing for club, state or national championships, club instructors are motorcycling Australia qualified to teach beginners through to advanced. Now is the time to review your current race season with a training program tailored to your weakness and strengths.


Beginners to advanced techniques covered;

  • Motorcycling Australia "kick start program"

  • Core skills evaluated and reviewed

  • Pre season, mid season and off season bike drills

  • Pre season and mid season practice sessions

  • Know your braking limits

  • Cornering skills

  • Jumping skills

  • Starting skills

  • Race craft

  • How to set up a pass not hope to make a pass

  • Evaluate your strengths and weakness on and off the track for a specific race event plan

  • Evaluate your race day performance to have specific training plan


Contact Ultimate Motocross Coaching by calling 0413 942 848.

Coaching Content


           Remember, "Your race results are a direct reflection of your training results".

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